Fishing Gears: Float

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Beginners in fishing  are usually confused about what to start with. The first thing we need to know is the basic equipment for fishing – and in this article we’ll talk about floats.

The purpose of the float is to keep the nozzle at a certain depth and signal the bite. There are many types of this gears.

With success are used made “in olden” from natural materials – bark of trees, plugs, bird feathers, but the most popular are made of foam, polystyrene or other  materials.

A small float from any material in many cases is predominantly large, but one can not forget about this: it should be clearly visible both at dusk and at waves on the water. In some cases, the choice of float depends on the type of fish that you want to catch, and the conditions of fishing.

Taking into account the low-discard bite of the straw, it is recommended to use the lightest float, and in case of fishing for perch, it is, in fact, appropriate.

The main requirements for the float are as follows: maximum load capacity at the smallest size, maximum sensitivity to bite, least resistance to immersion and subtraction.

 It is also essential that the float was strong enough not to soak in water, did not scare the fish with its appearance or splatter at the fall and was conveniently attached to the fishing line.

For the most load-carrying capacity at the same size floats are made from light materials – cork, foam, pen and hollow. The sensitivity of the float to the bite depends mainly on the volume of its surface part. If the superficial part is small, then the immersion of the float requires little effort, and this increases the fidelity of bite, as the fish, taking away a hook in the mouth with a nozzle, does not experience noticeable resistance.

The role and form of a float plays a more profitable extension, as it has less resistance to immersion and cutting. Most anglers prefer vertical floats, which are convenient to clearly convey the touch of the fish to the nozzle, even in windy weather.

 The second purpose of the float is to hold the nozzle at a given depth. When fishing in the current it is due to a certain weight of the sinker, so the size of the float depends on the weight of the sinker. When fishing on a cutter, the size of the float must be such that the dweller cannot drown it. The float must be painted so that it is clearly visible. However, if the distance between it and the nozzle is less than 1.5-2 m, then it is necessary to avoid vivid coloring and apply floats, painted under the color of water plants or floating objects.

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