Fishing Gears: Snood

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Are you sure you know absolutely everything you need to know about fishing equipment? If not, in this article we will talk more about it.

Of course, you know that the main fishing tackle is a fishing rod and a hook, but this is just the basis – there are a lot of snuff boxes. Some are necessary, some are more whim. However,  fishermen like to experiment with equipment. And in order to experiment, you need to know something about it.

So let’s find out more.


The snood is called the lower part of the fishing line, connected directly to the hook. It makes it a little thinner and weaker than the main fishing line.

 Appointment of a snood – make the tackle less noticeable and protect the main forest from the cliff in case of a hitch. When fishing on livestock sometimes put a metal snood, to avoid rubbing the fishing line with teeth predator (mainly pike).

 When fishing on a fishing line, no snood  is required. A well-painted vein itself is not noticeable, and its strength near the hook can be reduced by tightening one or more nodes on it, in place of which the gap will pass.

The stability of the fishing line with a diameter of more than 0,4 mm is quite sufficient even for catching teeth predators (pike, pike perch), and in active fishing there is no need to apply metal snoods.

 However, many modern fishermen believe that there is not enough reason to use the snood. First, as already mentioned, it is necessary at all to use the most thin fishing line, and modern synthetic materials allow it to be strong enough. Secondly, if a large fish breaks down, there is little joy in the fact that the main fishing line will remain intact. In this case, the hook will be torn off, and the sinker – no less valuable than 3-4 m of veins.

 The main thing is that in any case, it will have to again equip it with a hook and a sink or tied a new snood, that is, to lose precious time. In addition, at the time of contact, it is often possible to release the hook by twitching. When using a super-thin snood, even a small effort to release the hook will surely lead to its loss.

So, knowing about the tools, we now know about the need to use them.

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