Main Fishing Gear

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Fishing is definitely one of the best types of outdoor recreation. In this article we will talk about the basic tool for such deal – a rod.

The purpose of the fishing rod – to facilitate the introduction of a hook with a nozzle, to improve the lining and facilitate the pulling of fish. Rod is absolutely necessary when fishing with a float and it is desirable when fishing for a bottom fishing rod.

 It is necessary to choose a fishing rod, depending on the fishing method, size and type of fish.

The rod of the float rod must have ease and sufficient flexibility, but it must be strong. Most often you can hear that the length of the fishing rod should be at least 2.5 m, but the use of such fishing rod is justified by certain reasons.  Normally the length of the fishing rod is 3-4 m (factory production may be even longer ).

Do not forget that the long rod is a considerable mass that can quickly tire fisher, especially if you have to often throw a nozzle and hold the rod in your hands.

Important properties of the fishing rod is its rigidity and springiness.

The stiffness of the fishing rod is the ability to withstand the bend under the action of the force applied to its end and directed perpendicular to the longitudinal axis.

Rigidity is usually determined by the size of the bend of the end of the fishing rod, set at an angle of 45 °, under the action of the load. The smaller the value of the deflection of the same length of the fishing rod, the harder the fishing rod. The spring or elasticity of the rod is its ability to return to its original position after lifting the load. It is determined by the speed of return after instantaneous lifting of the load. The higher the speed, the rod is more elastic.

The strength of the fishing rod should be commensurate with the size of the fish it is supposed to catch. But you should not think that an overhang and a very elastic fishing rod will not fail when you pull out the largest fish, and the small ones do not go anywhere.

The elasticity of the fishing rod, especially its tip, depends on the nature of the cutting, and the conditions for extraction. When fishing on an inflatable fishing rod frequent ladders of small fish.

Hence, the shock absorption capacity of the fishing line should correspond to the strength of the fish’s resistance.

In the recent past, fishermen preferred to scour the natural fishing rods – from a solid birch, peanut or juniper whip. And even when bamboo came on sale, a lot of zealous fishermen preferred conventional fishing rods. The best of them were birch, which are quite sturdy, elastic and are quite suitable for the withdrawal of even large fish.

Therefore, in our days, when there are fishing rods of all sorts of materials in the shops, birches can be successfully used by fans of “sit on an evening star”.

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